Showing total with TAX Included in the listing page

I implemented this code to show the price per hour. But I have an issue when showing the total, it’s displayed without the taxes, and in all other pages it’s displayed in TTC. How to fix ?

	function( $fields, $model ) {
		if(isset( $fields['price'] )){
			if ( !hivepress()->helper->is_rest() ) {
				$fields['price']['display_template'] = '%value% / heure';
				$fields['price']['display_template'] = 'Total: %value%';

		return $fields;


Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for this, but we plan to add this to the upcoming Marketplace updates. If you’re familiar with customizations and it’s urgent, you can get a linked listing product ID, and get a full WooCommerce price Get woocommerce product price by id - WordPress Development Stack Exchange

Thank you, do you have an ETA for this update ?

Sorry, there’s no exact timeframe but the Marketplace extension (along with Bookings) have high priority in the updates queue.

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