Side bar on listing page not sticky

I have created a new template for the listings page following your video tutorial with 2 columns. The column on the left I have added the listings. The column to the right is the sidebar and I have added the widgets.
Everything looks good. Except for the column on the right (the sidebar) is not sticky.
On the single listing page which I have the original template, the sidebar is sticky.

Have I done this wrong and should I have somehow added a sidebar block of some kind to the column before adding the widgets.

Update: having looked through the website code I see that the widgets should be wrapped to be sticky. By simply adding widgets to the column is not also creating the required sticky wrap.
How do we do this please. Is there a simple fix.
Thank you.


Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to recreate 100% custom templates and all the original layout features, but we will try to improve this in the next updates. But as a workaround, please check this topic Filter Form Appearance in Customized Templates - #2 by ihor

I believe this will be useful to you.

OK Got that. Thanks.

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