Sign in link is gone?

Hi there!

There is this code filter “<?php echo apply_filters( 'hivetheme/v1/areas/site_header', '' ); ?>” to display the sign in link. For some reason my sign in link is gone even though I haven’t made any changes.

Did you remove this filter or what happened to my sign in link?

Best regards

Alright. I just found out that there’s been an update that removed the sign in link. How can I display it again?

I need some kind of filter like this <?php echo apply_filters( 'hivetheme/v1/areas/site_header', '' ); ?> that adds the newly designed link to my website. Could you please provide me such code?

Please make sure that there’s a custom menu assigned to the Header location in Appearance/Menus, this should show a new account link. If you want to use the old link instead, please try this code snippet Log in and register button is gone - #4 by ihor

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