Sign Out button not working

On the header menu bar where is the user button, when I click to Sign out it redirects me to the page “/account/logout/” and nothing happens, i got 200 but I’m still logged in.
Do you know why this is happening?

If redirects me to /logout it will be ok. I tried to change routes variable but without success:

    function( $routes ) {
        $routes['user_logout_page']['path'] = '/logout';
        return $routes;

I tried to find on routes (/wp-json) for this variable “user_logout_page” and no success either.

I will search for another solution because this button need to do the Log out.


Please try refreshing permalinks in Settings/Permalinks, set any non-default structure. Also, check if this issue persists on the demo site If not, please try disabling third-party plugins on your site, there may be a plugin conflict.

I tried without the plugin but without success, actually i remember first time i user Hivepress and I was testing without other plugin, that this button it wasnt working I had to logout by other way.
Can you validate on a brand new installation of Hivepress theme without plugins installed if works?
I bellieve not, if I make the test first I tell you.

Hello, I did a test on a early version with no plugins or at least very short and it was working. Something it is not good oon my application, so I will try to remove the plugins.

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