Site Icon missing from header

Hi there,

I picked a Icon for site and the icon shows in browser tab. But is not showing up in the header on the left of site name and tagline as per ListingHive theme.

In the past, using other themes I am able to pick the logo and then toggle to display or not but dont seem to see this in options.

Thanks in advanced

The icon and the logo are two different options (in the same place) in the personalization of the theme.

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Apologies, I see that now. Have updated it, however Site Title and Tagline doesn’t display despite being checked.

I assume this is limitation of theme, as some themes dont allow for both simultaneously without a script of code.

Yes, unfortunately there’s no option to display both, the site title & tagline are displayed as a fallback if the logo image is not set.

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All good. I’ve edited my logo with the text and it looks just as amazing now.

Thank you

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