SMS TEXT MESSAGE notifications


Im using your RentalHive for a rental website where people can book a property, and then occupy the property immediately (within minutes).

In order for that to work the property vendor/landlord (and possibly the website owner) needs to be notified immediately via SMS TEXT MESSAGE TO THEIR PHONE, when a new event like a new rental, approval, cancellation, message, payment, or whatever occurs. Email notification is too slow and dated.

Is it possible for you to add this feature? Or how can i add that feature now using other plugins added to your system?


Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding SMS notifications to HivePress Bookings, probably via integration with a third-party SMS API like Twilio. If you use a third-party SMS plugin this may also be possible, but this will require integration (e.g. hooking SMS sending events to the existing booking events via API).

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