Social in ads

Function not active: I am in HivePress> settings> ads, I tried to insert social networks also in the ad, inside the seller they are seen correctly but in ads you only see mail, only one, as you can see in the images. How can we solve? Thanks for your help.

ok I found the problem, the fields are inserted in the page that the user uses to publish, so he should write his social networks again, but if he has already done this, it is not needed, this function should be for the site administrator if you also want to show the vendor’s social networks in the ad. Maybe it’s more comfortable like this?

Yes, social links are similar to pre-designed URL attributes, you have to set the field values for every listing and vendor in order to display the icons. Please let me know if you mean copying vendor links to their listing links (e.g. setting them as defaults) or hiding links completely from editing on the front-end?

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