Social login only works after second clicking

hi Team,

i purchased and installed the social login, but it only seems to work on a second try of clicking the button. I removed the old authentication plugin and used your blog entry to set it up. But it feels like i am missing something. Using the hivepress default team which i customised with css.

didn’t found any entry here, or missed it hopefully it is fine to create a entry here.
i added a video down in steps to reproduce.

there are currently no other plugins installed, any ideas?
theres no JS or PHP error happening.

Steps to reproduce

(demo of social login - YouTube)


it does also happen when i deactivate all the plugins which are currently installed.
Theres no WP Cache plugin. Also the Login issue persists without any social login plugin.

So i guess its related to the complete instance.

Please also check if your hosting provider uses any server-side cache, some hosting providers enable this by default (you can also check the Must-Use tab in WordPress/Plugins). This really seems like a caching issue, when the page is cached it doesnt’ reflect the login status right away.

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It was a caching issue, there was a nginx infront of an apache web server, i didnt know that… after a bit of debugging, i made it run by removing cache lifespan.

Thanks for that hint.

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