Sort listings by a custom date attribute

Hi Im using Listing Hive and I want to add some events how can I format them in chronological order instead of the time they have been add as the dates are all jumbled up thanks in advance


If the date event is a custom attribute, then you can sort by it if you have selected Sortable in the attribute settings.
Unfortunately, this version has no such feature by default, but we plan to add it.

Also, if you urgently need such a function by default, it is possible but requires additional settings (custom code).

If customizations are required for your site, please try customizing it using the collection of code snippets Search · user:hivepress · GitHub and other developer resources, or consider hiring someone for custom work

Hi thank you so much for your reply, I’m very new this so I just want to understand correctly, you will be writing this code in the future do you have a timeline? Also I have scanned the github link that you send me and I couldn’t find any code relating to dates or calendars am I missing something?

Thanks so much in advance


Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact timeframe, but we plan to include this feature in the following updates as soon as possible.

Regarding the link to the Gist, we sent it as an example so that you can find code snippets there, and if they work for you, you can use them to change the content on your site.
If there are no code snippets that you need there, and the customization is urgent for you, please consider hiring someone for custom work

Hi I think this is a fantastic theme but I’m utterly confused as to why when adding a listing it doesn’t just slot in chronological order, but it shows the last added listing first which could mean the furthest date from now. It makes no sense for an event calendar which should as a default sort by date when the user is adding their event otherwise it gives no flexibility to when the vendor adds their listing? If I go to ffvrr what kind of language expert would I need to customize the date on the events calendar ? Because I would really prefer to stay with hive and have already planned to buy some of your extensions I understand that it’s a bit tricky that Im trying to put an event listings and directory on the same web site but has I have a limited budget I may have to buy an event calendar plugin instead just to get the listing to fall in chronological order and I’m sure I must be missing something because that refuses to make sense to me.

Thanks! Yes, since HivePress is a multipurpose plugin some niche-specific features (like sorting by the event date for event directories) may not be available yet. We can check if there’s a snippet that can set default sorting, if you don’t need other sorting criteria, let me know if this works for you.

Thank you so much for getting back to me I just want that what ever date the vendor adds their listing, their event will slot in chronological order to all the other events listed. The user on the other hand may what to sort by event type, date or time which we have already set up in the attributes It would also be really helpful to have the option to add recurring events :slight_smile: So if you have a snippet that will help achieve this I would love to try it please.

Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet if you also want to keep other sorting criteria in the current version, but I recommend marking this Date attribute as Sortable, it’ll appear as a sorting criteria, but will not be the default one.

This function should be one of the defoult options.
Specially that it is not possible to use date in both optiona at the same time.
When selected:|Searchable|Display in the search form| - by DATE RANE
And the same time when set to Sortable , sorting option works incorectly, and will end up with empty page (when sorted by date,). As in the sort option you are unable to choose date range.

For me is imortant to keep option to search by DATE RANGE, and as well very important to sort by Event Date - can you make this option available as soon as possible? or at least a snipper ?

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to implement this as soon as possible (the ability to choose the default sorting option for listings). If you mean the date range filter it’s already possible if you set a Date Range search type for a custom Date attribute and mark it as Filterable.

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