Sorting categories alphabetically

Hi, can I sort categories by any order because now the ‘‘other’’ category is in top of the list?

in categories see ORDER give it a numbering that interests you

I fixed ordering, but there is one exception. One category name starts with Swedish letter ‘‘Ö’’ and it should be placed at the last place according to the Swedish alphabet but its sorted like regular ‘‘O’’. All my categories have Ordering 0, and when I try to set order 1 or any other number only for this category everything gets messed up

if you use 1 for the letter A you must use 2 for the B or give a numbering to your liking, try to skip a number and see if the “o” goes where you decide. or if your letters are 99 the number 99 must be the “o”. You can’t use the same number twice of course.

If you set a custom Order (by entering the number in the Order field for a category) then categories will not follow the alphabetical order, they’ll check the Order priority instead. Please try setting custom Order for all categories or for none (if you unset Order for all categories, alphabetical order will be used - we use the WordPress function for alphabetical sorting so it should be ok).

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