Spam filter and country restrictions missing

I installed this script to different domains but in actual this script have very less control to admin which results it 100% engagement of admin to remove spam from website . If script is made ready to post for public 70% people post their links & pills or Viagra kind of post & someone just to put their links . No listing url or vendor profile filter . If you have good DA it will vanish day by day n nothing remains in hand & if you have to check each listing then it’s not practically possible. Admin level controls are very very very short. Not even word filter which can be added to listing so that words like ( http, https://, www, XXX will be filtered. ) . for images I can consider limitations but for just text it’s very less control.

No login controls for people i.e. countrywide so people for one country spam to another country . Anyone can login & upload n forget , if you reject link still their images saved on server make disk full. Admin remains nothing in hand . Site turns to only spam hub . For very small audience people it’s good like hotel booking etc but script will not bigger like woo commerce etc due to many many less control for admins. I can’t either advertise to get listings because of spam or neither close sites. Need to stop accepting new ads & move to another script .

Found one solution to replace spam words from description box but it’s not filtering words from title. Trying it now

Please remember that you’re using an open-source solution. You can help by suggesting new features and reporting bugs, or even contribute by translating it or proposing code changes on GitHub.

You already suggested both of these features multiple times and we added them to the project backlog, thanking for the suggestions. Demanding urgent features or posting multiple times will not change anything, we already work without weekends to improve HivePress. If these specific features are urgent for your website please check alternatives 10 Best Free WordPress Directory Plugins (2022) | HivePress Blog or hire a developer for custom work.

I hope you’ll find a better solution for your project.

I can understand situation .

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