Sticky header hide Footer menu & unlimited scroll

Can’t able to hide footer menu . I changed menu settings , disabled footer menu but still footer menu is displayed on every page . I want to create sticky header & unlimited scroll but want to hide footer menu but none is working . Sticky header not possible with many plugins & footer menu hide is also impossible .

Categories made very very slow

I create around 250 categories which made extremely slow site when someone want to post ad . When category is choosen it takes 5-8 seconds to get add image button in active position .

How can I hide preloader ? I

Yes, sticky header would require some customizations but you can remove the footer menu by assigning an empty menu to the Footer menu location in Appearance/Menus. You can also hide the footer completely if required:

.site-footer {display:none!important}

You can hide the loading spinner in Appearance/Customize/Homepage section. The loading speed depends on many factors, e.g. third-party plugins (keep these to a minimum), caching / optimization, hosting plan, content (too many search filters or categories may increase the loading time).

Thanks … footer issue is solved but sticky header seems necessary because it’s site name that user keep always in mind because it gets more visibility for domain