Stipe connect - split payment?


I’ve now integrated Stripe Connect. Pretty smooth (but should never have tried the test mode first, that made it quite complicated when later going live)… But, now I realised that every time someone makes an order on my HivePress site I just pay the fees for the transactions to the connected Stripe Express accounts. I also need to recieve some sort of administration fee to cover the transaction costs. I saw that you in previos post from Juli talked about split payments, or adding extra charges that the site owner will recive. How to do this? If not avalible, when will it come? Without it I geuss not a lot of persons will use the Stripe connection…


Yes, in the current version Stripe Connect is used to trigger a payout for each order separately, so the transaction fees may be higher compared to the Manual payouts mode (where funds are collected until the vendor requests a payout). Please consider increasing the commission rate (or set both the commission rate and fee) in HivePress/Settings/Vendors/Selling to cover these transaction fees, or add a fee on the buyer side by adding a custom tax in WooCommerce settings.

Perfect! Thank you so much!

Thought I had been going trhough all the settings over and over, but did miss this somehow!
Sorry! Thanks agian!

Would be pretty good if the users can call for a manual payout when using Stripe Connect in the future! =)

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