Stripe 400 error after payment


I am on the RentalHive theme for seasonal rentals. I cannot finalize my site because payments received on the platform are not transferred to the host’s account.
However, I receive all funds in the company’s stripe account.
I followed all the steps indicated in this forum but without success. In my company stripe account and in the relevant host account tab here are the API logs: those for the platform are still in error and those for the account are ok.
I don’t know what’s missing. I also received an email indicating a payment failure because there was not enough funds on Stripe… I’m lost, who can help me?
Thanks !


Please check the solutions on this topic: Stripe connect issue - #3

​I hope this is helpful to you.


I’ve checked everything and it’s ok (API key etc).
I also did the test on a new host but I still have this error. When I click on it, it tells me that there is not enough funds on Stripe for the payment and the amount is wrong.
I’m testing on amounts of €2 or €3.
Here, the amount is 194€. If the customer pays €2, there won’t be €194 on Stripe.


Where does this bug come from?

Thanks !


From our part, we can only provide general recommendations on how to set up Stripe. If you don’t find the appropriate recommendations in the topic I sent you above, then please review the Stripe documentation in more detail or contact their support, as we unfortunately don’t have more details.

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