Stripe Connect and Automatic Payouts


I been reading on this site about people wanting automatic payouts, and people talking about “Stripe Connect”. Is “Stripe Connect” different from plain old “Stripe”?

Can someone explain please because im wanting to get automatic payments too. I have “Stripe” set up on my website, I have entered the test and live keys secret keys, webhooks URLS etc, but i dont see it mentioning anything about “Stripe Connect”, I only see plain “Stripe” so i dont know weather i have “Stripe Connect” or not because i want automatic payments as well, and it seems “Stripe Connect” is needed for that.

Can someone explain the whole thing? And, is “Automatic payments” now supported by your RentalHive/WooCommerce system? How do i turn on Automatic Payments if its supported??


Yes, Stripe Connect is a Stripe solution for marketplaces, while regular Stripe is used for single-vendor stores for accepting payments. Please set up Stripe connect by following their docs Stripe Connect | Stripe Documentation

Then enable the Test Mode, copy the test API key and paste it in HivePress/Settings/Integrations/Stripe. Also, select Stripe as the payout system in HivePress/Settings/Payouts.

That’s it, now manual payout request options and the website balance will disappear, each order amount (minus the commission fee) will be paid out automatically from the main Stripe Connect account to a linked Stripe sub-account which is created by vendors on registration. The payout is triggered when the order gets the Completed status.

Once you set everything up and test the payment flow please disable the Test Mode in Stripe and set a live API key instead of a test one in HivePress/Settings/Integrations/Stripe.

Thanks for that, but stripe has 2 sets of keys. 2 for test mode, and 2 for live mode, however the hivepress integrations tab only has a place for 1 key, the secret key, what about the other key? Can you please explain that? Also where does the vendor use stripe connect in their account, i dont see anywhere for them to add that so they can get paid.

Please set the secret key for the Test Mode first, to test the payout workflow. Then you can switch it to a live key. If they have 2 keys for each mode the other one is probably a public key.

Yes the other one is public key, but i dont see a box for that, where does it go?

The public API key is not required, only the secret one that you can set in HivePress/Settings/Integrations/Stripe. If there’s no Stripe field please make sure that you have the latest Marketplace version & WooCommerce plugin installed.

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