Stripe Connect payment flow

Hi, actualy i use stripe for accepting payements, but, the funds doesn’t appear on the stripe connect balance but in the stripe plateform account, if i want to make a transfert to a connect account, i should recharge my stripe connect balance with the plateform funds and after this, it will work, but actualy i can’t do this because stripe do not autorise this ( its a bêta test).

Sorry, I’m not fully familiar with their platform restrictions but a few website owners reported that it seems to work (takes 2-3 days though), do you mean that Stripe Connect is in beta test stage in your country and they don’t allow Stripe->Stripe Connect transfers yet?

Stripe connect is not in bêta test in my country, but the fonctionnality " add funds to stripe connect funds" is in bêta test in France : Add funds to your platform balance | Stripe Documentation . If you want, we can’t do the payement with separate payment and transfer, its works only with indirect payment. So I think it would work if your plug-in had the functionality of indirect stripe payments.

Thanks for the details, we’ll check other ways to link the Stripe and Stripe Connect balances. Please check if Stripe Connect offers any other ways to top up the main Stripe Connect account to cover possible payouts.

Thanks, Yes stripe use another method to do payout to the vendors, but its with “separate payment and transfer”, in my last message I made a mistake, i don’t know how your stripe connect work, but in the documentation and in the fact, the payment system that works is the “separate payment and transfer”.

If I understand correctly they don’t allow transferring funds from the Stripe gateway used for accepting payments in WooCommerce to the Stripe Connect account used by HivePress for payouts - thanks, we’ll try to find more ways to support automatic payouts, maybe via splitting payments on checkout.

I have got it working whereby I get a payment for a service, the money goes into my Stripe connect balance and then it pays out to the connected accounts.
It took 7 days for the payment to come in (apparently normal for a first payment) and then 7 days to pay out).



I use Hivepress. For incoming payments I use STRIPE woocommerce>settings>payment>stripe.
For outgoing payments I use STRIPE CONNECT Hivepress>settings>payment>stripeconnect.

My problem is that once a reservation has been made, paid for and marked as completed, the seller does not receive the funds on his stripe connect account. However, I can clearly see the incoming payment in my dashboard stripe.

Can you help me please ?
I read your comments… maybe you have to wait 7 days to see the 1st payment arrive on the seller’s connected account… it seems weird to me, because even in the test phase I don’t receive anything in the connected account from the seller.

Please try contacting Stripe support, if you receive initial payments to the same Stripe account that you use for Stripe Connect, then they should appear on the Stripe Connect balance (this balance is used to make payouts to the linked vendor Stripe accounts). Yes, there may be some delay that depends on Stripe terms, you can also top up the Stripe Connect balance via other ways to keep amount enough to cover possible payouts.

Thank you, indeed my problem came from insufficient funds on my stripe account

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Thanks for including Stripe Connect as payout method in the last update.

Could you please upload the documentation to setup? I’m struggling hard (and so do others) to get everything well configurated since many platforms interacts with each other: hivepress, woocommerce, stripe, stripe connect, stripe business owner account, stripe express accounts for vendors…

We would be muuuch appreciated :slight_smile:


Sorry for the inconvenience. We are already working on new docs and will try to publish them asap.

No problem, I’m sure you are doing your best.

Do you have any estimation on when it will be posted? 1 week, 1 month, several…

I would like to have an idea on when would I need to re-schedule this feature deployment in my site.


Sorry, there’s no ETA yet but if you mean Stripe Connect payouts, the only requirement on HivePress side is the Stripe Connect API key. For the rest of the setup you have to follow the Stripe docs, while HivePress will just redirect new vendors to Stripe account creation if you set the API key. Then when orders are marked as Completed, HivePress will try to trigger a payout for each order (from your Stripe Connect balance to a linked Stripe account that vendors create).

Hope this helps.

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