Stripe Connect payment flow

I’ve used hive marketplace and setup the payments in using woocommerce.
The setup process took me through a stripe setup process and I ended up with an express account - as the store owner.
I then created a new stripe connect account but that has a different login to my express account that was opened when I setup stripe incoming payments.

I’ve connected the stripe account in hive settings private key and integration to stripe connect.
Will it pull through incoming payments or will they go into the stripe express account?
Do I need to make it so there is just one stripe account associated with the incoming and outgoing?

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Please create the main Stripe Connect account for your company, manually via the Stripe website. Set its API key (I recommend using a test one before launching the website) in HivePress/Settings/Integrations/Stripe and select Stripe as the payout system in HivePress/Settings/Payouts.

That’s it, now vendors will have to create a linked express account while they add their first listing (or via the Set Up Stripe Payouts link in their account), the profile completion form will redirect them to Stripe onboarding. Then, if the order they received is marked as Completed, an automatic transfer of the order amount (minus the commission fees) will be sent from the main Stripe Connect account to their linked express account.

WooCommerce is not related to this, it’s used for accepting payments from customers, gateways for accepting payments can be set up in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments.

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Thank you,
All sorted and I can see payments taken in my stripe account.
I think it takes 1-2 days to show these payments in the sellers connect account (to receive the incoming payment and show it agains the right outgoing account) and then the sellers accounts automatically payout in 7 days.
Is that the expected operation?

Also, is there a quicker payment gateway so that the money shows in the stripe connect account quicker than waiting the 1-2 days?


Sorry, I’m not familiar with these Stripe delays, do you mean that you accepted a payment via Stripe gateway set up in WooCommerce, and it appeared on the main Stripe Connect balance within 1-2 days, or you mean the actual payout transfer? If you use Bookings the payout is triggered within 24 hours after the booking ends.

If you mean the WooCommerce Stripe → Stripe Connect transfer I recommend contacting Stripe support for more details about this delay.

I took a payment via the woocommerce stripe payment gateway.
The payment was captured in stripe connect but is not available until 21st November. I didn’t realise it took 7 days to capture the funds into stripe.
I was aware of the 7 days to payout but 14 days (7 days to capture and 7 days to payout) is quite a long time for a vendor to be paid.
Unless I’ve used the wrong gateway.

Please try contacting the Stripe support, I can’t say for sure why they keep the payment blocked for 7 days, maybe this is their required refund window before you can use the funds.

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Will do - thank you.

I use this post for my question:
Is it necessary to use woocommerce to connect with stripe? Or is there a direct alternative?

I’m using woocommerce stripe plugin for payments in.
I’m using stripe connect for payments out.


Hello, yes that’s normal, depending on your account. If it’s a new account it could take even 7 days for the first transfer to be sent. Then Stripe start sending all transfers daily. I think that every payment processors works this way.


Hi, how did you go about splitting the payment? Do you have any special integration or plug-in in Woocommerce to split the payment by stripe? Because actually, I have finished the seller registration to stripe but when a payment is made ( and the order too) the payment is not split with the seller’s logged in account.
I have connected my stripe account ( normal ) with the basic stripe gateway plug in woocommerce but the payment does not split.


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It does it for you.
The Stripe connect account is yours. Payments go into your account and then when approved they leave your account (less commission) and get sent to the sellers account.

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Ok thx, but the probleme is that the funds can’t be reversed to the vendor because i have an “insuffisant funds” in my stripe connect funds, the payement in this integration is here a transfer and should in fact be a transfer. ( the “add connect funds” is a beta and stripe said to me that I must have raised at least 5k$ to have access to the beta

Ok - you’ll have to wait for admin to come along and answer.
I added to my Stripe balance to cover the first few payments.

Yes, and, your sripe account is in the US ?

No - it’s in the UK.

ok, and your button " Add funds to your Stripe connect balance " was not gray ( not clickable ) ?

It let me add the money to my Stripe account.

Ok, so i don’t understand why in my stripe account i can’t add any funds to my connect funds. The support said that it is an beta but you have the access, did you make a request for join the beta ? or did you make more than 5000$ in your stripe account before ?

If you use Stripe for accepting payments (via WooCommerce) then funds should appear on the Stripe Connect balance, but as far as I know it may take more than 1 business day. You can also ask their support if there are any other ways to top up the Stripe Connect balance to cover possible payouts.