Stripe Connect payouts keep failing

Hello! Please help, I cannot get my head around this.

I’ve made the orders as below in the image. The first few was made with a test account on Stripe and that created some sort of a problem. But now more strange problems have occured. I now saw these strage trasnfers of 8 or 3 kr to the connected account. Why is this, from old orders that has already been completed I thought…?
I also get these email every day. I cannot figure out this.
Should I restart och delete any of the pending schedulad actions, or could I ruin somthing by doing this?

Plese take a close look at the dates on these images.



Please make sure that Stripe Connect is set up correclty (its API key should be set in HivePress/Settings/Integrations). The Stripe Connect payout is triggered when the order is marked as Completed, this means that the order is ok and the funds (the vendor’s share) can be transferred from your main Stripe Connect account to a linked vendor’s account (vendors create these during adding the first listing). If the payout fails, another attempt is scheduled and the site admin gets a Payout Failed email. Once the payout is successfully made, the order is marked as “paid” and another payout attempt is not scheduled.

If these orders were already paid out, please remove the scheduled payouts attempts for these orders in Tools/Scueduled Actions/Pending.

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