Stripe Connect tutorial

could you please make a tutorial on how to set up stripe connect. because its really difficult to do it for non coders.

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Thanks, we’ll try to add more docs regarding this, but coding is not required to set up Stripe Connect, you have to follow their docs to set up the Stripe Connect account and then copy the API key from Stripe Connect to HivePress/Settings/Integrations/Stripe section.

Hi Ihor, is there a Stripe section in Hivepress Directory? Or just available on Marketplace?
I cannot see a Stripe section in Integration tab.


Stripe connect is only available if the Marketplace extension and WooCommerce plugin are installed.

Ok, thanks.

Can I use the Stripe Woocommerce plugin to use Stripe on the paid listings?


If you need to accept payments for Paid Listings, then WooCommerce will suffice.

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