Stripe Connect With Other Countries

Hello! A person from Columbia and wants to list their services on my platform, but unfortunately, they received a message stating that Stripe doesn’t support this in their country. Is there any workaround to this situation? Sadly Stripe Connect doesn’t work with all countries yet. I’m wondering if there is an alternative I can make possible for vendors. Thank you.

Is it possible to use Stripe Connect AND manual payouts if the vendor’s country is not available?

Or is the best solution to make Stripe Connect optional and have everyone bypass it when creating a listing?

This snippet is to auto select the country upon the creation of a new user account, in this case selecting USA. Also it hides the field from the form so the country cannot be changed.

This does not grant access to Stripe for non eligbile countries.

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Unfortunately there’s no such option at the moment, the payout mode you select is global for the whole website. Please consider using Manual mode in this case, you can still ask vendors for the Stripe details to send a payment or offer another gateways for those who don’t use Stripe (e.g. SWIFT transfer).

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