Stripe Order ID not associate with listing

Hi all,

When I create a listing and then buy a paid package on it, I do the payment through Stripe.

However, i don’t have any link between this order and the listing created.

So, If a user create 5 listings, but get “paid package” on only one, I can’t know which listing is concerned…

I would like to associate the stripe order ID to the new listing when created !



​Please send more details about this question, and we will do our best to help you. Also, please note that packages are not tied to the listing, and the listing does not show which package it was added through.

This is precisely my problem.

We manually validate listings to make sure they comply with our charter.

We also set a 7-day delay in the payment validation on Stripe to make sure that the listing is compliant before the buyer is debited (to avoid having to reimburse each time and having to pay Stripe fees…).

Currently, if a user enters several listings but only pays the premium package on one, we are unable to link the payment to the ad concerned, which is particularly problematic.

How can I link the paid package to the listing from which the user arrives? I don’t understand why this isn’t done automatically.

Thank you for your help,


Unfortunately, there is no way to attach a package to the listing. However, if you are familiar with coding, we store the listing id as the meta of the first item in the order, so you can extract the listing id from the order when adding the payment was made

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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