Stripe Payment at Delivery

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My question is relative to this topic.

In manual payment, the money is only released if the product or service has been delivered by the seller (choice modifiable in Delivery / completion Settings).

Is it the same when using Stripe?

For the topic mentioned, if Stripe notify WC about the cancelled payment and make a refund, are they keeping their fee ?


  1. If you are referring to the Require manual delivery feature, it determines when an order receives the status “Completed.” In the case of manual delivery, additional actions are required from the seller (for example, if the seller completes the action, you can start autocomplishen timer and wait for confirmation from the user). If the user forgets, the order automatically receives the Completed status. If not, the status is “Rejected,” and you must make changes, or the status is “Complete.”

  2. If an order does not receive the Completed status, it will not reach Stripe.
    Regarding fees, I recommend referring to Stripe Connect support or documentation.

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1 - Thank you I understand

2 - It means that when the user proceed to a payment, the money is not sent directly to the Vendor Stripe Balance but just when the order is finished (mark as accomplished by the vendor or user) ?


Yes, the payments will appear on the Stripe Connect balance once processed.

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