Stripe payment system problem on rebalance

Hello, we have trouble with the stripe payment system. We use woocommerce with payment plugin for stripe ( woopayments is disabled ) and in hivepress parameter we set payment system params on stripe connect. We also add a commission rate of 3% on the hivepress->settings->vendors menu.
What we did in ours test :
1- We do a reservation ( 4€ ) as a user on a location who belongs to a vendors who already have stripe account.
2 - the reservation is save ( we can see it in the reservation menu and in woocommerce->order )
3 - On the stripe account of the vendor their is no trace of his money
4 - All the money is on our company stripe account.

We do this test many times and we have the same result every time.

Someone can help us ?


Please make sure you set up Stripe according to the documentation: How to enable automated payouts - HivePress Help Center. Also, please test this payment using a new user.

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