STRIPE Payments from US merchant to NON US connected "Service agreement"

Hello there,

I need to ask you about this problem that I discovered.

I was testing payments on a stripe in live mode. The test was a Customer from US book a Customer from ITALY our merchant account company is located in US (so stripe Us account).


"Funds can’t be sent to accounts located in IT when the account is under the full service agreement. To learn more, see"

The problem is on the onboarding process where the customer has to select the proper “service agreement” (Stripe customer service said) that I cannot see anywhere.

They said that the correct service should be this “recipient service agreement”. But I don’t know how to do it and looks not possible to the stripe manage dashboard.

StripeDev: Stripe API reference – Create an account – curl you have to set this to recipient when you create the Account via the API

so maybe someone has the same problem.


Please check this topic for updates, our developer will post a snippet or suggestion there that seems to have the exact same purpose of adding this “recipient service agreement” to Stripe API Adding custom parameters to create account via Stripe Connect API

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Thank you Ihor yes CerealKey and I are working on the same problem LOL

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