Subcategories don't show listings

Hello! So I have changed to display the subcategories when clicking the main category. I love how this page looks now, however it will not display any of my listings now?? Shouldnt it display what listings fall under that subcategory?? There is no way to book anything now because the listings dont show.

Please share more details about the issue, if you checked the “Display subcategories instead of listings” then this category page will show its subcategories only, listings will be displayed only if you select a subcategory. Please make sure that this “Display subcategories…” option is not set for subcategories, so they will show listings as usual.

I have the display subcategory box checked because I want people to be able to select from the subcategories. However when following this Click route [Category->Subcategory] no listings show up for that subcategory even though there are listings under that subcategory.

It should be selected for the parent category only, not subcategories. If you check it for subcategories their pages will be empty since they don’t have their own subcategories to show, only parent categories do.

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