Subscription Paid Listings and Memberships?

Hello everybody,

First, great work done here - it’s impressive how much stuff you can achieve with hivepress already :slight_smile: .

In my case: I want to build a platform where Vendors can choose one of the available packages in order to have a certain amount of listings listed on the website. For that, a subscription-based model would solve the problem of accidentally forgetting to renew the subscription in time. My understanding is that this is work in progress. Is that correct?

When it comes to users, after they sign up, they can buy a Membership (ideally different tiers), where they can get access to different levels of information provided by the Vendor. Again, a subscription would be nice here as well. Is that something already available? Did I understand that correctly from the forum?

And the last one: if rentalhive is used, is it possible to have users asking Vendors for an appointment through hivepress? To discuss additional questions? (ideally to have this included in the paid membership). Or is that tight to a specific theme?

Thank you in advance for your support! (P.s. I haven’t yet got the paid extensions - I wanted to ensure that I can achieve what I want to do with hivepress first)


Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, subscriptions are not currently available in the Memberships extension, but we plan to add this feature in the near future.
Sure, you can use the time-based feature, please check this doc How to enable time-based bookings - HivePress Help Center. But unfortunately, there is no such feature to charge vendors for additional fields.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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