Suggestions for improving the UX

I am writing to the hivepress team to give my humble opinion that I think it will be good for many users of this great plugin.

As I say, it is a magnificent Wordpress plugin but at the same time it is very difficult to understand how it works for the user who enters our website for the first time, so he does not know or know the options or the operation of the program.

1.- In my case I have observed that users enter and do not know well where to register for the first time because there is no clear button where to perform this task.

2.- Once the client user has registered, he does not perform any more tasks and leaves the platform. (That’s the most serious thing I’ve seen) because he doesn’t know that he also has to publish an ad to be seen or hired.

I have bought booking and marketplace.

I know it’s not difficult to understand, but if many people make the same mistake, it will be because something is wrong. I don’t think the whole world is naive.

3.- It would be of great help that once we have managed to get the user to create an account on our platform he immediately sees a window (FLOATING OR NOT) in which he is notified that it is not yet visible to book (in my case I have booking and maerketplace) so you must publish an ad. And it would be good if we put the button at your fingertips to take you to fill in the ad.

That way the client doesn’t escape without publishing what we want.

I hope you take it into account because this will be happening to more people and it is an improvement I think it is very urgent and you should at least take it into account.

Thank you anyway for the wonderful program you have created and what is even better, thank you for the support service you offer to all people like me who are struggling to move our project forward.


Por qué no me contestáis ?

Creo que deberíais plantearos lo que estoy diciendo, porque mejoraría el producto .

Sorry for the delay.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, I really appreciate this. We’ll try to improve the UX with every update, but there may be temporary workarounds for the issues you mentioned.

  1. The registration link appears at the bottom of the login form, but you can also add this link to the main menu (e.g. with the Register label): #user_register_modal

  2. The Add Listing seems to be available in the header section by default, it also has a primary color - users should definitely notice it (it’s common for websites to have the most important actions in the top right corner of the website), but you can also duplicate this button elsewhere, e.g. on landing pages where you advertise why users should list something on your site.

  3. A possible solution is adding a notice or landing page for this, but if users click the Add Listing button initially (even if they are not registered yet) and register, they will be redirected back to the Add Listing process after registration, so it’s a seamless process. If they intended to add a listing they will probably complete the process, registration is just a step in this process.

Thanks for the kind words, we’ll try to make UX improvements to increase the conversion rates for HivePress-powered websites.

Thank you very much ihor.

I’m going to try to put the solutions of point 1 3 that you have suggested to me.

But I don’t understand you.

  1. How do I add this link to the main menu (e.g. with the Register label): #user_register_modal ??

3.- How to adding a notice or landing page?

Thank you for your temporary solutions.

  1. Please edit the header menu in Appearance/Menus and add a Custom Link there, with #user_register_modal URL. You’d probably want to show this link conditionally (e.g. hide it from logged-in users), Nav Menu Roles plugin may work in this case.

  2. I just meant a specific landing page for vendors, e.g. that you can create in WordPress/Pages, to advertise features and benefits for potential vendors.

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