Syncing Google Calendar And Outlook Calendar


We need that the booking will syncing with the e-mail calendar. How achieve this?

Please enable Booking Sync in HivePress/Settings/Bookings, this will add the Booking Import and Booking Export iCal URLs to each listing form. This allows you to sync the availability of each listing with any third-party platform that supports syncing via the iCal links.


¿Can you send me the tutorial about setup import and export calendar with rentalhive?

The only requirement is enabling the booking sync in HivePress/Settings/Bookings, then there will be 2 new fields for every listing: Booking Import URL and Booking Export URL.

That’s it, then this depends on the platforms you want to integrate, e.g. you can copy the Google Calendar secret iCal link and paste it to the Booking Import URL field of the listing, then this listing will automatically import the blocked dates from the Google Calendar. Similarly, if you set the Booking Export URL link in the Google Calendar settings, it will import blocked dates from the listing.

Thanks for your answer.

¿How long does Google Calendar update?

¿How do we the same with hotmail?

The Google Calendar syncing time is pretty unpredictable, the last time I checked it was updated within 6 hours. For importing from Google Calendar, HivePress will try to check it every 15 minutes. If you want to sync 2 calendars with the same HivePress listing, I recommend choosing one and syncing the second one with the first calendar, e.g.:

HivePress → Google Calendar → Outlook Calendar


Is there a way to configure it in hotmail? Not to synchronize 2 calendars, but rather, the user with a hotmail account manages to synchronize the RentalHive Calendar with the hotmail calendar.

Otherwise, when a user make a booking, la unique form to see in the google calendar after 6 hours is reconfigure the url calendar in google calendar. This process should be automatic.

Yes, you can do this in the same way, by copying the Outlook Calendar export link (they probably have one, like Google Calendar - it’s an ICS secret link) and pasting it for a listing in the Booking Import URL field.

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