Tags aren't all appearing for hosts

I have added 12 tags (so far) but only 6 are appearing for hosts to select in their listing creation (or edit).

(You can see five here but if you scroll down, there is only one more: golf course.)

Assuming we can fix why they aren’t all showing up, is it possible to have them appear alphabetically for hosts as well as for guests in the filters?


I was working on the site more and happened to come back to my tags and all that I had are gone except 5 of them. This is the second time this has happened. The first time, I thought I must have just clicked the wrong thing and accidentally deleted some or didn’t save properly. But now it’s happened again that all tags not being used on a listing are gone. But–as noted in my original request–I cannot select more tags in the listings b/c they are not all showing up.


Please make sure you add tags correctly, you can check this doc How to set listing tags - HivePress Help Center

I understand they do not appear if no listing is using them and that’s great for the guest (front end user) but it would be helpful for them to all still appear as options for the HOST to select. Just because no listing has selected “balcony” yet doesn’t mean a new host might not need that.

Is there a work around so all tags I create are available for hosts but only those selected by a host for a listing appear in the filter for guests?

Also, is there a snippet so that tags appear alphabetically to the host and to the guest?


Please check this topic: Stop automatically deleting tags.

As for sorting tags, unfortunately, there is no such possibility, you need a custom implementation.

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