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I tried to search the forum but those relevant topics are already closed. Hence my questions here:

  1. The hyperlink to download the theme provided by email upon purchase is not zip. I’ve to zip the folder myself in order to install the theme. Is this supposed to be the case? I’m asking just to be sure I’m downloading and installing the latest theme.

  2. Some alignment issues on Safari (iPhone 13 + iMac) and a missing image file. Please refer to the attached screenshots. Did I import the demo correctly?

  1. Is the HivePress/Emails segment supposed to be empty even after importing the demo content? Please refer to screenshot below.

Thank you.



  1. Yes, if you use Safari it unzips downloads by default, you can change this in Safari settings but if you zipped the folder back and installed it, then it’s ok.

  2. Please edit this page, click on these columns and select the Center alignment, it seems that this issue occurs in the recent WordPress update (they changed something regarding the block settings). Regarding the text-overflow - let me know which screen width is this (or iPhone model).

  3. Yes, all the emails are still sent but if you want to override any of them you can add a custom email in this section.

Thanks @ihor.

Yes, it is iPhone 13. The Standard version, not Pro or Mini.


It seems to be ok when I check the same screen width (390px), the vendor name doesn’t overflow Awesome Screenshot But I can provide a CSS snippet to hide the overflowing text with “…”, let me know if this works for you.

Hi @ihor,

Yes that would be great. Please share with me the CSS snippet.


Please try this CSS snippet, but please note that it can require further customization. If you are not familiar with the code customization, then please consider hiring someone for custom work https://fvrr.co/32e7LvY

@media screen and (max-width: 350px){
	.hp-listing--view-block .hp-vendor__name{
		text-overflow: ellipsis;
  	overflow: hidden; 
  	width: 70px;
 		white-space: nowrap;
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Tks @yevhen.

Works like a charm.

Appreciate it lots.

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