Template customization block no previews available?

Not sure if this is a bug report or feature request, but it would be nice to see previews of blocks as the preview button doesn’t show me what it will actually look like on front end. I don’t want to publish the customized template and lose the original (yes I am working on child theme but don’t want to have to re-set and re-do everything)


Unfortunately, this feature is unavailable in this version, but thanks for your suggestion. We’ll consider adding this feature.

Ah okay, yes that would be very helpful… I need some HP specific blocks to be clarified -

What is the difference between:

  1. “Title”, and “Page Title”
  2. “Page Description”, “Description” and “Details”
  3. “Toolbar”, and “Menu”

Also - are the User Registration and Login Forms blocks show as buttons with pop-ups?


Everything that is Page is not specific to the listing but global for pages (such blocks can be ignored).
“Description”, “Details”, “Toolbar”, and “Menu” - I recommend testing these blocks once you overwrite the template for more detailed information, because it’s hard to describe.

Hi Andrii - I can’t test these without publishing which will override the original template and I will not be able to simply revert it though, correct?


Unfortunately, if you don’t click Publish, you won’t be able to preview it. We recommend testing locally and then making changes to the live version.

Okay thanks Andrii

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