Template selection dissappears after publishing page

I’m currently troubleshooting an issue related to publishing templates. Specifically, I’ve noticed that after publishing a template, the “Vendor (Dashboard)” option I initially selected seems to disappear. This problem is evident when I visit the dashboard page, as none of the changes I designed are reflected there. I’m trying to understand why this is happening and how to resolve it. This does not occur with any other selection in the dropdown and I need to have this template only available to vendors on their dashboard for the experience. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. I’m running this locally on my computer.

I am so close to being finished. This is the last step I need before going live with the website. Greatly anticipating your response whenever time allows.

Steps to reproduce

• I “Add New” Template under HivePress
• Then input text and a button onto this page
• Entitled the page “Vendor (Dashboard)”
• I selected the “Vendor (Dashboard)” template from “Settings > Template > Dropdown Menu”
• I publish my work.
• The template selection dissappears
• I go to check dashboard and it has not changed

Actual result

After selecting “Publish”, my selection from the dropdown defaults back to “-”. I go to double check the vendor dashboard page, and no changes have been reflected either.

Expected result

The expected result was that the template I designed would be published on the Vendors (Dashboard) page.

Extra details


I realized it was a database issue. I had clean up some tables to stop this disappearing from happening.

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Good morning,

what was the issue you were having with the database? i am having the same issue.

thank you

Note: fixed - i had same templates in trash and it was conflicting

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