Terms of Service link in Registration Not Working

I was directed to this forum to get help from the developers of the Hivepress plugins and themes and from the community of users. Looks like my few questions are not welcome. My last 3 questions have been totally removed after installing Temporary Logins as directed to by Hivepress team. I sent links that are yet still valid, not expired and the dashboard shows that both links had been logged into. The Hivepress team emailed me to say they were not able to use the links, that they must be expired. I sent them again along with screenshots showing the expiry date and got a reply saying the links went to WooCommerce. I sent the links again and to myself. I tested the link on a different device and I was able to access the back office of my site. I have no idea why HiveTeam is not able to. I sent screenshots via email and I posted them in this forum but now they seem to be removed because they are not in my history of questions. Please, I just want help so my new site functions properly. Because Hivepress can’t be hired to work on these problems, this forum is my only alternative. Please help. Please. Thank you so much.


Please note that messages are automatically moderated if they were previously sent via our mail, and you are now duplicating them here. We can’t help you because the first time you sent expired access, all the other times you sent temporary access for a simple user or a vendor, and without access to the site’s backend, we can’t check this issue without this access.


Having received temporary administrator access to the backend of the site, the problem was in third-party plugins, after disabling them, everything works correctly.

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