Testing Stripe Connect but no funds available in platform balance

I am currently using Stripe Connect in test mode and have utilized test credit cards supplied by Stripe for this purpose. Furthermore, I have established a Connect account.

Although I was able to complete a purchase on my website through HivePress, I cannot locate any transactions on the Stripe dashboard of the primary platform. The balances all reflect as $00.00. Is there a possibility that I am doing something wrong? thanks

Please make sure that the Stripe account you linked in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments is the same one that is used for Stripe Connect. Then all the accepted payments should top up the Stripe Connect balance, but as far as I know this may take for up to 7 days (this is a Stripe restriction). If the order is Completed before the funds arrive, the payout should still be ok since it refers the transaction that’s being processed.

It should still be visible as incoming balance in the dashboard, even if it is only accessible after 7 days. Chances are that you have set it up wrong. Remember to add the API keys to WooCommerce Payments Stripe, like Ihor said

Thank you. I was logged into the wrong stripe account the whole time lol

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