Testing the updates before release


I would like to suggest to the Hivepress team to test the updates to your plugins in some other way if possible. I mean, how it currently looks like is:

  1. New update is developed
  2. New update is tested locally with no third party plugins
  3. New update tests are found okay and update is released
  4. People suddenly have serious issues with their websites which they did not have before the update

The latest example is Hivepress 1.7.4, which makes all images in listing blocks disappear and be replaced by grey backgrounds (for some of us). This destroys a website. Also the previous update in which you could activate the option of Image Carousel inside a listing block. Many of us had the issue that images stacked up weirdly, or showed half black.

Asking everybody to disable all third party plugins after years of running them is not a viable solution. Also, to change all cache settings is not really a great solution, since it affects other areas too.

We all likely have somewhere between 10 and 50 third party plugins that we need to run our websites.

For the Hivepress team it is impossible to test compatibility with all possible plugins, that is obvious.

I am not sure what the best solution is, and I do not know exactly how you test your updates, but I have read countless reports of people in which they describe issues that you can’t reproduce.

Maybe you could try to test your updates on a real “live” website (not offline locally) that runs typical plugins. Like caching plugins and obviously Woocommerce. For example, there always seem to be problems with images, and they are probably related to cache settings.

It does not take long to build a simple website, and in fact you do have https://rentalhive.hivepress.io/ , but I don’t know if all normal functionality is enabled on that one.

Maybe you do test on live websites. In that case, I hope you can find some other solution. Because although bugs are normal, some of the bugs are major and they require a lot of work for us to compensate once we have our website running.

I hope this is helpful and it can make a difference in future updates!!

In any case, I Hivepress is great and slowly it is getting better for sure!

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, WordPress is a huge ecosystem and it would be hard to predict the plugin conflicts, but we’ll try to test the most popular plugins (currently we do this with WooCommerce since we advertise integration with it).

If the listing images disappeared please report a bug with details to reproduce it, and if it’s a critical one we’ll release a quick update, we already plan to do this because of 2 other bugs reported.