Thank You Yana, Yevhen and Ihor

I just want to say thank you @yana @ihor and @yevhen

Hivepress is a great solution, the themes are beautiful and your support is really amazing! I can only imagine how busy you all must be, but you always find the time to help us.

You have helped me a lot during my project and I am really grateful :+1:


I also validate

@ihor @yevhen @yana

Thank you team you are excellent. I’m ordering soon I promise.

you’re the best it’s sure !!! :mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm::fire::fire:


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Thanks for the kind words, really appreciate this!

We’re constantly working on improving HivePress and hope to deliver many fixes and improvements over the following months, we’re happy to see that it’s useful :slightly_smiling_face:


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