The availability calendar is not displaying

The availability calendar is not displaying in my installation. On my test install, this page: Stunning new apartment - Stay on Kelleys Island

I have manually added bookings and not sure why its not on the page? Also I have sent a booking request and when get it clicking Accept or decline does nothing - no page load, no action. Not sure what is going on here.

This issue may occur if you added the host user manually, please make sure that this user has at least a Contributor role in WordPress/Users, then host-specific actions and tabs should work.

ok I can now book the calendar as a host but why does the viewer NOT see the calendar on the lodging page? They should not have to click in the “request to book area” to see the active calendar - it should be on a tab the same as “Details” and “Location”.

Also in the “Request to book” area widget can i change/add language? (And how) around “Dates” I would like to have Dates (Grayed out not available)

The date picker seems to appeat when I click the Dates to select a date range to be booked here Stunning new apartment - Stay on Kelleys Island Please let me know if you mean another issue.

Yes, it’s possible to change any static text via Loco Translate How to change any static text - HivePress Help Center Some strings can be set in the scripts, e.g. the date picker loads them automatically based on the language selected in WordPress/Settings/General.

I was explicit that this was not what I meant. The calendar should be viewable on a tab like “details” and “Location”. The calendar should be readily viewable to everyone, not hidden behind a date picker.

Sorry for the confusion. If you mean the calendar page, in the current version it’s available for vendors only (also admins then they view listings via the WordPress back-end), unfortunately it’s not available for customers - they use a date picker to select a date range to book, it also displays available/unavailable dates and other details (e.g. if some dates have specific prices). It works in the same way on the demo site

I mean a visual display of the availability calendar as most rental websites have, see our current website as an example. In your current template as a visitor I cant see the available dates UNLESS I go to book.

The date picker shows the available/unavailable dates (for date-based bookings, not for time slots yet) when clicked, but thanks - we plan to improve the booking UX to add a calendar similar to the one on Airbnb.

Sounds good, that would be a great addition

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