The current menu item is not highlighted for the Listings page

When I go on to my ai-tools page it does not show me the orange line that is seen on other pages when I go to them.

Please let me know which theme you’re using, also make sure that all the plugins and the theme itself are up-to-date - I remember that we fixed a similar issue in recent updates.

I am using the latest version and the theme is taskhive

Please make sure that the Listings page is a standalone page in WordPress/Pages, if it’s a custom link to the listing archive page added to the main menu it will cause the described issue. It also seems to be ok on the demo Services – TaskHive If this issue persists we can check it if you send a temporary WP access link Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin | via email

Hey i have sent you an email on giving you an access to fix that issue. Thank you