The difference between a host and a user

When a visitor to the site registers, that creates their account as a user, right? How do they create their own accounts as hosts?

And how can a user have one profile for being a host and a user?

How can we convert someone from a user to a host?

  1. When a person logs in they are a user. However, once they create one listing, they automatically become a vendor/host.

  2. A vendor can also be user, but not vice versa. Only once the user creates a listing then they are a vendor and a user.

  3. Easiest way is for them to just create a listing. You can create a button that says become a host or something like that if you prefer. You can also set up the become a host, as a page via a link. Basically you put register-vendor at the end of the web address.

read this: Vendor registration

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But Users have the option to have attributes added, so where do those show up?

The real issue Iā€™m trying to solve for is having a profile - for hosts AND users - that can be viewed as a way for hosts and users to feel comfortable with each other.

My understanding is that currently, only hosts can have visible profiles.


This is just an initial release. We plan to release updates for extensions such as Messages and Reviews, which will have links on the usernames. Also, in the next version of HivePress, the link to view your profile will be in the settings.

Now, the link to the profile is displayed only in the sidebar on the Request page.

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