The filter is not displayed after searching for the ads with the keyword

After searching something using key word on the left is only filter button with no options

Once you have created your Attributes you will be able to insert them in the filter, you will find the option at the bottom of the attribute page.

Yes I know. FIlter works when i choose category, but don’t when I search by kewords…

the filters (attributes) must always be assigned to the categories in the attributes page, in order to view them in the categories. First you enter the category then you give it appearance in filters.

But I have filters assigned because they are displayed correctly in a given category. The problem is that when I search for something after the keyword, the filters disappear. Probably because the search result does not return any category.


If the Filter button is there, but the search filters disappear, please edit these attributes and make sure that they are not assigned to categories. If you assign them to specific categories, then these fields are displayed only if one of these categories is selected in the filter form.

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THX Ihor :slight_smile:

hi, I also encountered this problem, I have attributes (in listing) assigned to different categories because there are different ways of publishing, I ask: can I duplicate these attributes also in vendor (and not assign them to categories) put only present in the filters, to see them when doing research like Zibi did? Thanks for your help. And congratulations on the Theme Template which is really done very well.

Yes, but listing and vendor attributes are not linked, please try adding standalone categories for vendors and category-specific attributes for them. If you add an attribute and assign it to a category, then the edit field and the search field will appear only for vendors within this category.

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