The full address is not available with Mapbox

I have set up geolocation using Mapbox, but I can only select a few cities within Montenegro. I cannot use the full address. All listings within the same city are placed at one point. There are many more cities in our country than I currently have access to. Please, help me understand the issue.

Steps to reproduce

You can try any address in Montenegro, for example, 11 Požarevačka, Bar, Montenegro; XV ulica 15, Petrovac 85300; or just the city name Sutomore

Expected result

For my needs, it’s sufficient to have cities working without the exact address being so crucial. However, currently, I only have access to less than half of the country’s map. Is it possible to place a point on the map without specifying an address?

Extra details


Please check if the Hide the exact address feature is disabled in HivePress > Settings > Geolocation. Also, please note that we receive data through the API, so if this feature is disabled, I recommend trying Google Maps.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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Hi! With Google Maps API, everything is working correctly. Thanks!

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