The images in the "top listings" feature aren't showing

Problem 1: The images in the “top listings” feature aren’t showing up, this has happened a couple of times. Often when you reload the page this happens.

Problem 2: You also can’t scroll to the left or to the right without getting taken back to the first listing that you are shown, which in this case is “central parking” and “fdsaf”.

Problem 3: when you press on the listing, where the image is “hidden”, the image that shows up after that is small, how can you make it normal size? It might also just be the picture, but isn’t there a way where you can make all of the images from all listings, the same size, automatically? so that we don’t get that some of the listings have small pictures and other have the standard size?



  1. Please try disabling third-party plugins, this issue may occurs if there’s some plugin that affects images (e.g. via the lazy loading or other effects).
  2. You can edit this page and set how many listings to show in the Listings block settings, e.g. if you set more listings the scrolling will be longer but it’s an infinite loop so scrolling from the last to first item will be possible in any way.
  3. Thanks, the bug is confirmed, will be fixed in the next RentalHive update. Please let me know if it’s urgent and I’ll provide a temporary CSS fix.

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