The location is not working properly

Despite having the google maps API, the location attribute does not take me to the expected result.
It’s like it’s broken, or like it’s a code. That attribute is not custom, it comes with the theme.

A pesar de tener la API de google maps, el atributo localizacion no me lleva al resultado esperado.
Es como si estuviese roto, o como que estuviera un codigo. Ese atributo no es personalizado, viene con el tema


Please make sure you set up Geolocation correctly, you can check this doc How to set up Geolocation - HivePress Help Center

Also, if the problem still exists, please provide more details and we will try to help.

P.S. Please post in English (e.g. via Google Translate); this way, questions/answers may also be helpful for others.

Your answer does not help us. It is the third time you answer the same thing, you are a machine… What you indicate, has already been done and you keep on saying the same thing.

Su respuesta no nos sirve. Es la tecera vez que responde lo mismo, es una máquina?.. Lo que ud indica, ya se hizo y ud sigue diciendo lo mismo


We provide you with the main options for solving the problem; in 95% of cases, it is an incorrect setting.

If you are sure that you have configured this extension correctly, please provide more details about your problem, and we will be happy to help.

I don’t know what else to send you, I told you what the problem is, I sent you screenshots and they keep answering the same thing. There is no person who can guide me, I need this plugin to work. I tell you more, I have the plugin on a test site and it gives the same error. If they don’t fix it, I’ll have to migrate to another, it’s a shame.
ya no se que mas enviarles, les comenté cual es el problema, les envie captura de imagenes y me siguen respondiendo lo mismo. No hay una persona que me pueda guiar, yo necesito que este plugin funcione. Le digo mas, tengo el plugin en un sitio de prueba y da el mismo error. Si no lo solucionan, tendré que migrar a otro, es una pena.

Sorry if you had a bad experience. We don’t use bots for support, moreover you get answers from the plugin developers, not support agents.

Please try to understand that it’s hard to guess the issue, the more details you provide the quicker we’ll be able to help you. For example there are no screenshots in this topic, there’s no error message that you’re getting or the description of the steps to reproduce the issue, link to your site etc.

I can try to guess - do you get some specific error message in the Location field when you try to type the location? If so then please make sure that the API key that you set in HivePress/Settings/Integrations/Google Maps is set up correctly, it should be enabled for 3 APIs and have correct HTTPS restrictions How to get a Google Maps API key - HivePress Help Center

You can also use Mapbox instead of Google Maps, it’s much easier to set up.

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