The number of reviews displayed

Is there a way to display reviews in a 'slide form . . . the listing page looks boring as the number of reviews added increased

In the current Reviews version this would require customizations, but we plan to add pagination, infinite scroll or a separate tab for reviews in future updates.

i tried this code (to limit number of displayed reviews ) but not working . . . can you help? 

		return hivepress()->helper->merge_trees(
				'blocks'     => [
					'reviews' => [
						'number' => 3,

Yes, it will most likely not work because when the Reviews block is in the “listing” context it will display all the listing reviews, the number restriction works only if this block is added to another page, e.g. Home.

Any news about reviews pagination feature?

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Sorry, it’s not available yet but it’ll be added to the next update (or another option to hide and expand reviews).


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