The photos in the category list are not displayed at the same height

hi, I just installed hivepress on a brand new theme (hivepress) but the photos of the categories are not displayed at the same size.

However, they are all the same size originally.

No changes have taken place in the site or theme files and no conflicting plugins with hivepress.

Just installed and added 8 category.

thank you

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You may set up image size in the Settings>Media section. Try adjusting the Landscape size (Large) field. Also, please, make sure that the pictures’ size is at least 400x300, then when uploading, they’ll be cropped to correspond to the set proportions.

Hi @yana thank for your answer.

the photos are all 612x408px and I tried 800x500 in large size but nothing crops the photos, some continue to be displayed in square

I have the same configuration (origin) as on another site which works very well.

I can’t find the answer to this problem.

Please, try uploading pictures not smaller than 400x533; this will allow proper cropping to suit image proportions. If it doesn’t help, you can send us the link to your website, and we’ll check the issue.

Hi @yana , my photos have a larger size than mentioned.

I cannot give administrator access at the moment because the site is local.

I will keep you informed if my friend takes the site and I host it to check where the problem comes from.

Thanks for your following along

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