The search bar in the list takes a long time to load

List search button does not work. When I search for a listing it takes up to 2 minutes. video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Try looking for listings on these two pages:

I have the same problem when I search using a term. The search takes a very long time.

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The server response time depends on many factors, e.g., your hosting plan (we recommend the VPS), other installed plugins (each plugin may slow down the site), customizations, the number of users and listings, caching (try setting up Litespeed), etc. - if you’re familiar with website setup, I recommend going through all the possible issues.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

I already did everything you tell me but it doesn’t work. I have been able to verify that if I only put the location if it works correctly but the problem is when I put a range of dates. The dates are available in the listings but it takes many minutes to find. What can be done? Since if the date range does not work, basically the template would not work.

In this video I test without dates (it works fine) and with dates (it doesn’t work). You will also see that the dates in the listings are available.


We tested this feature locally, and everything seems to work. We recommend trying another hosting provider. Also, disable all third-party plugins except HivePress and clear the cache. If you have a child theme, then switch to the parent theme and test it as well. If you have made changes directly to the theme files, this may also affect loading.

P.S. If you purchased a theme or extension, please enter the license key in the forum profile settings, this will enable the Premium Support badge and ensure a 24-hour turnaround time.


Did you fix it?

Unfortunately, no.

Hi. Would you be able to look at this issue from my site with temporary access? Maybe there’s something I’m not paying attention to.

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