The search functionality of tags in the listing filter form

Hello Hivepress Team!

I wanted to ask how to change the search functionality of the tags part in the listing filter form. Like attributes there are search functionality of search any I want to implement same method for the tags in the listing filter form. Basically while looking for a listing when I choose two tags in the listing filter form I want to display listings that have any of them


If you have the Tags extension installed and activated, this is how it works by default, as the ability to select tags is automatically added to the filter.

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Hello Andrii!

Yes, I bought also the tags extension. The main question I have the tag filter in listing filter form. So let’s say I have two tags chosen and filtered ‘‘minimalist and seaside’’. What I want to achieve is to show all the listings for that has minimalist tags + has seaside tags + the ones has both tags?

How can I change this functionality of tags? Also, I had a badge but it’s gone do you know why my license key still in the profile settings? Have a lovely day!


I see. Unfortunately, in this version it does not work this way, and to change this, you need a custom implementation. But thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature.

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