The system doesn't send e-mail to hotmail


El sistema no envia el correo de verificacion a hotmail de forma instantanea. El e-mail llega pero diez u ocho horas después.

Nos gustaria saber si el error es de hivepress o depende de nosotros.


The system does not send the verification email to hotmail instantly. The e-mail arrives but ten or eight hours later.

We would like to know if the error is from hivepress or depends on us.


Please make sure that your mailing service provider is set up in the proper way, and check this article How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center


Thanks for your answer.

I configure everything the same as the document sent by you, however in hotmail it sends, for example, the welcome email but not the Verification email.

In some tests we did, it sends the verification message but at the wrong time.

Please try using the Test Email tool depending on the SMTP plugin you’re using, it’s also important to link your site with a trusted email service (e.g. Sendgrid, GMail…). Just installing the plugin is not enough, emails sent by WordPress (not via trusted services) are often not delivered. Also, you can try customizing the email subject and text, maybe Hotmail detects some keywords as suspicious.

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