The text %request% appears instead of the title

The problem with the Requests. The site There are two problems:
1 - for some reason there is no way to create a Requests title. After publication, the text %request% appears instead of the title. How can the user set the title?
2 - If I make a response to a Requests, the message to the author of the request doesn’t go anywhere. Neither in the admin panel, nor on the mail. This is a bug or I’m somewhere not included some setting?

Expected result

Requests should be published with a normal header
Responses to the Requests should come in the messages in the admin panel of the author


  1. Most likely, you have specified such a title in HivePress > Settings > Requests, please try to leave the title field empty and save the changes.

  2. You should receive notification emails if you are referring to offers.
    Please make sure you set up emails correctly, you can check this doc How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center

Also, check additionally whether moderation for offers is enabled in HivePress > Settings > Offers.

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