Third-party CMS integration with HivePress

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I am wondering is there a possibility to integrate a CMS syetem of a real estate agency with my listing website based on hivepress plugin. This is how a lot of listing websites work with real estate agencies to avoid typing multiple listings each time when wanting to place their listings on different listing websites.

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If you mean syncing listings or other content with a third-party CMS it may be possible if this CMS has some API for this. This would also require integration on HivePress side, e.g. some custom code to check the third-party CMS content once an hour to sync it.

Thank you. Isn’t the hive press import extension designed for integration with csv files comming from CMS content from other systems?

How do I know that after installing the import extension the cvs files uploaded by real estate agents will display properly according to categories and atributes I created on my website?

Yes, you can use this extension to import listings using CSV files, if you map all the required listing fields to CSV columns during the import then the listings will be imported. But this requires uploading a CSV file manually, this extension doesn’t sync listings with some third-party CMS automatically, this would require API integration.

Thank you. Can you Please send me a cvs file to my e-mail so that I can try this out? Thank you

There’s no sample CSV file because by default HivePress has only Images, Title and Description fields - so it would be just a simple file with 3 columns (with text in Title & Description, and image URLs in the Images column). Please send temporary WP access link to and then I can provide a sample file for the specific attributes added on your site, you can create a temporary access link with expiration using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

So tell me what is the point of buying the import extension (I have actually bought it)? Like please give me a list of advantages. I was convinced that getting the extension would enable any real estate agency or realtor (who wants to add a listing on my site) to simply pull a CSV file of any offer in their CMS they use and simply upload the file on my website avoiding the need to manually input all information about the property they are listing. They often want to quickly upload like 15 listings at one given time. What is the point of having this extension if it does not enable them to do that. I have sent an email to support to recieve the CVS file.

Yes, this is exactly the purpose of this extension - if your vendors have CSV files with prepared data they can import their listings via the front-end. Based on your topic I figured that you mean some automatic syncing with third-party platforms - it’s not available yet but importing CSV files manually is possible, for both admins and vendors if you have the Import extension (admins can also map extra columns like User, Featured & Verified while importing listings).

Sorry for the inconvenience - we’ll add a full error log for import to the next update so it will not be like a “black box”, any errors related to imported listings will be precise. I’ve just replied to your email regarding the sample CSV file.

What about XML files?

The Import extension supports CSV files only at the moment, but it’s possible to convert any table-like file format to CSV nowadays, e.g. Google Sheets or Excel files can be exported to CSV with 1 click.

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